Wisconsin Barbecue




Wisconsin Barbecue, featuring Biggie & Bull Barbecue Team.
Ever go to the grill and come back with ‘less than the burger you wanted’? Biggie & Bull are here to help! Grilling and Barbecuing techniques for Wisconsin residents, they give barbecuing fans fun and interesting cooking options, and tips and tricks to use at your next cookout. Hosted by Jim Maier.
Shot locally in Eau Claire, Wisconsin by Chippewa Valley Community Television.

Episode Guide:
Episode 01 – Ball Park Eats

Biggie takes us out to the ballpark! Brats & Burgers are the main course, with a special tater home fries grilling recipe that will keep grill fans happy.

Episode 02 – Picnic

Biggie and Bull go to the park. Kebabs and grilled fruit are on the menu.

Episode 03 – Smoker Treats

Biggie and Bull are back in the park, this time they brought their smoker and will show us how to smoke a pulled pork to perfection, with jalapeno poppers on the side.